MAE Students Earn Best Poster Awards at 2019 ASME IMECE Conference

From left to right: Dr. Chih-Hao Chang, Zhiren Luo, Dr. Jie Yin, Yinding Chi, Kyunghoon Kim, Dr. Jun Liu

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduate students, Kyunghoon Kim, Yinding Chi, and Zhiren Luo, earned best poster awards at the ASME Society-Wide Micro/Nano Technology Forum during the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) Conference in the week of Nov. 13th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kyunghoon Kim, Ph.D. student of Dr. Jun Liu, presented his recent work in simulating the thermal transport in disordered two-dimensional materials, won the ‘Best Poster Award.’

Yinding Chi, Ph.D. student of Dr. Jie Yin, presented his recent work in the shape controllable soft bilayer actuators and applications, won the ‘Advances in Mechanics Award.’

Zhiren Luo, Ph.D. student of Dr. Chih-Hao Chang, presented his recent work in manufacturing the high-aspect-ratio magnetically tunable nanopillar array, won the ‘Most Exciting Interdisciplinary Work Award.’

Micro- and nano-scale phenomena and processes are widely explored across many ASME Divisions to create new applications and to improve the existing engineering systems. This forum seeks to bring together ASME members and others from different disciplines/divisions with a focus on micro and nanotechnology. For more than a decade, the forum has been enthusiastically embraced and has achieved great success. This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate ASME’s leadership in the field of micro and nanotechnology and collaboration across ASME Divisions. Initiated in 2002, the forum focuses on the dissemination of state-of-the-art advances in micro- and nanotechnology by top researchers from around the world. The forum also allows graduate students and post-doctoral associates to network with leaders and advocators in micro- and nanotechnology and to be recognized for their hard and creative work.