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MAE Seminars

Join faculty and students in exploring new research.

Research Overview

Each of our faculty members brings a unique set of skills to the department and MAE leads the pack in mechanical and aerospace engineering research in many different fields.


The MAE department is committed to initiatives to support our DEI mission and provide a welcoming and engaged community for our students, faculty, and staff.

Broaden Your World

Student Organizations: Students can choose from our department student organizations or other College of Engineering student organizations to network and learn outside the classroom.

Co-op Experience: Engineering students can gain hands-on job experience while pursuing their degrees, and get paid for it, through the Cooperative Education Program.

Study Abroad: Engineering is a global enterprise. Many employers are looking for graduates with second languages and international exposure. Study abroad can make that happen.


Donations help the MAE department evolve and keep pace with the latest technology, while giving our students the skills, global awareness and sense of responsibility they need to make a difference in the world. Consider supporting the department today. Click here to donate to the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Enhancement Fund.